Maintenance Services

The Maintenance Services Department operates and maintains public facilities and equipment in an efficient, cost-effective manner as well as enhances parks and open spaces within the City for the benefit and enjoyment of residents.

Maintenance Services welcomes volunteers for:

Park Ambassadors:
The purpose of the Park Ambassador Program is to engage community members in the maintenance and development of community parks. It will utilize interested and engaged members of the community to act as a liaison between the public and the Maintenance Services Department, to provide feedback from the public about park conditions and uses and information to the public about the Maintenance Services Department and the Department of Water and Power.

Program Overview:

  • The Maintenance Services Department will provide opportunities for community members to request to become a Park Ambassador.
  • The Maintenance Services Department shall review all requests and interview candidates for the Parks Ambassador program. The Maintenance Services Department shall have the final decision on whether a requestor becomes a Park Ambassador.
  • A member of the Maintenance Services Department will meet with the Parks Ambassador(s) on at least a quarterly basis to share information on activities.

Park Ambassador Duties:

  • The Park Ambassador must first pass a Live Scan before duties begin.
  • The selected Park Ambassador will receive a shirt and/or badge with a City logo indicating that they are functioning as a Park Ambassador for the City of Corona.
  • The Park Ambassador will complete and submit to the Parks Maintenance Superintendent a Park Survey, attached, for their respective park, no less than every two weeks.
  • The Park Ambassador will go to their appointed park at least once a week, preferably during peak usage, and talk to members of the public about the park.
  • The Park Ambassador will document the feedback received from the public on the Parks Survey form, and collect contact information for the survey participant.
  • The Park Ambassador will provide the public with flyers and information on both the Maintenance Services Department and Department of Water and Power, including program information for water conservation, graffiti removal, storm water, etc.
  • The Park Ambassador will notify the Maintenance Services Department immediately if they notice any unsafe or unsanitary condition at the park.
  • The Park Ambassador is to act as an advocate for both the public and the Maintenance Services Department and Department of Water and Power; failure to promote a positive image of any of these groups will result in revocation of the Parks Ambassador position.
  • The Park Ambassador may also be asked to assist in the following activities:
    • Researching of funding/grant opportunities for special projects at the park.
    • Participation in community events held at the park, i.e. Fourth of July Celebration, water conservation events, etc

To learn more about becoming a Park Ambassador, click here.